Matthew Davidson

     Second EP - "Cross My Heart" 

“Cross My Heart” is Matthew Davidson’s second EP, containing original songs that showcase both his pop/rock and blues/rock influences. Relationships evoke feelings that are familiar to all ages – from “She’s turning out to be a Heartbreaker to “It’d be so much easier if you could “Read My Mind”. This collection of songs is all from the heart. (from the EP liner notes)

"Matthew Davidson's second EP, “Cross My Heart” showcases a more mature singer/songwriter appeal. That’s not to say that his guitar doesn’t take center stage at times, but he weaves it in and out in a succinct manner. His ability to capture the essence of his roots in jazz and blues but stay relevant are always what intrigues me about Davidson’s appeal." ~Derick Jones, The Shreveport Times

"It’s not just that the 16-year-old Matthew Davidson writes his own music, a considerably rare thing among blues prodigies. And it’s not just that he deftly combines these rootsy leanings with towering pop hooks. It’s not just his boyish good looks, either.It’s all of that, as Davidson crafts a sophomore project that is as intriguing as it is offbeat. In the end, Cross My Heart is both a blues record that often moves far afield from the blues, and a pop record with real soul. And it works, principally because of the endless approachability that Davidson brings to things." ~Nick DeRiso - Something Else Reviews, May 2014

"From the Beatles and Rolling Stones to Muddy Waters and U2, smart teen Matthew Davidson gets it. His new 5-song release, "Cross My Heart", is danceable and effervescent. It's the kind of pop that will make you drive better and make you look good cutting a rug in your living room. Beginning as a kid with a hot hand for blues guitar, Davidson is transitioning to vocalist, songwriter, and entertainer. Surrounded by rockin' tunes and effective harmonies, Davidson's package kicks.

 ~Robert Trudeau - Heliopolis SBC, April, 2014

"Davidson's diversity and willingness to venture out of the blues mold he was cast into will serve him well as he matures. If songs like "Overseas" and "Diamond Ring" are indicators, under the right guidance (and if he drinks his milk), Davidson could grow into yet another Shreveport blues master" ~Nick Pittman - Offbeat Magazine, June, 2014

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"Heartbreaker" - single on iTunes! - released 09/2013

"You might, with so many deep blues connections, expect 15-year-old Louisiana guitar prodigy Matthew Davidson’s new single to sound rootsy and raw. Instead, he draws in sounds and textures from a stirringly broad musical spectrum. “Heartbreaker” isn’t a Led Zeppelin-like reworking of a dusty old blues side; it’s a new melding of things both enduring and freshly conceived."  ~ Nick DeRiso, Something Else Reviews, Oct. 2013


Debut EP "Step Up" released in 2012:

 Photo by Neil Johnson/Design by Brad Kozak 

"Wonder kid Matthew Davidson may only be 14 but he definitely knows a little something about the blues. Step Up is only a taste of what is to come for Matthew. His mature funk'd out guitar skills are inevitably demonstrative of this kids natural talent and devotion to music. You'll never hear another 14-year-old hone that Louisiana Southern blues-funk rhythm the way that Davidson has."  ~Kimmie Tubre, Where Y'at Magazine, New Orleans, LA - Dec., 2012

"Matthew Davidson is a hell of guitar player. The scrubbed, grinning Shreveport 14-year-old, Ferris Buhler-looker demonstrates on this impeccably produced demo an understanding of tone and pacing, a sense of when to hold back and then to set a song ablaze. Producer and bassist Joe Osborn (of the famed L.A. Wrecking Crew; that's him on the 5th Deminsions' "Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In" among countless hits) frames the phenom in pop and blues contexts on Step Up to show the versatility of his ward. By far, the best tune is the last eponymous track, the only song penned by the rising star." ~Alex V. Cook, Offbeat Magazine, New Orleans, ,LA - Jan. 2013

Matthew Davidson Releases "Step Up" EP, featuring Joe Osborn ( - Sept. 13, 2012)

Davidson's talent is no secret. A remarkable introduction to the 14-year-old, Matthew Davidson proves he's a force to be reckoned with on his debut release Step Up."  Annie Reuter, Associate Music Producer at CBS Radio – Brooklyn, NY

"There is no doubt in my mind, after listening to "Step Up", that Matthew Davidson is certainly the real deal, being equally proficient in both Pop/Rock and Blues genres. He is already great in what he does and the sky is the limit regardless of which musical direction he chooses to dominate. "Step Up" is a fantastic intro to a fantastic very talented rising star." 
Review: "Blues Underground Network" - John Vermilyea - Sept. 22, 2012

"Matthew Davidson has a new record and a snappy, all-teen band. He also has a scene, a crowd, a gang of all ages that love his good-time blues and rock. Davidson's new 4-song record is rich of sound. Produced by industry veteran Joe Osborn, 2 of the tunes are commercial pop. The 3rd tune is the R n B staple "Lie to Me". Here Davidson clearly feels the vibe. Cut 4 is a rock instrumental written by the 14-year-old. It sounds like a groove that could have been cut by the Uniques or by the Kinks. Classic Rocker!" Review: "Shreveport Blogspot" - Robert Trudeau - Sept. 23, 2012

Bill Beckett, Red River Radio Program Director, talks with Matthew Davidson and bassist Joe Osborn about the release of the New EP Step UpSept. 28 2012 - 10:01 Spotlight. 

Joe Osborn, "Step Up" producer, and Matthew Davidson